WheeMeet is a Live Interactive Learning marketplace that creates a way for content creators/professionals/masters of their craft to host EXCLUSIVE livestreams where they can stream WHAT they want, WHEN they want, & HOW they want because... 

When WheeMeet, You Learn



Why WheeMeet?

It’s All About The Learn

WheeMeet Live Interactive Learning feature the instructor and a small group of attendees. So you get the attention you deserve! Unlike a YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok livestreams where you get lost in the comments...

With WheeMeet: 

  • Your voice is heard
  • You are seen
  • Your questions get answered
  • Learning is personalized
  • The connection is real 

Physical Distance When WheeMeet  

Covid-19 has turned our world upside down, yet is bringing out the beauty in all of us helping one another.  WheeMeet allows you to practice physical distancing while still being social & increasing your skills in the process. 

WheeMeet gives you the power to tailor your learning experience by booking the subjects that matter to you and the instructors you want to learn from in 3 easy steps.

Here’s how it works:   

  1. BOOK a class with any instructor
  2. At showtime, click the link provided to CONNECT  live
  3. LEARN something new
Experience WheeMeet


This could be you!

Michael Cameron

Makeup Fundamentals

11/4/2020 - 9:00 AM EST

10 Spots!

(Not a real class) 


Shantay Shae

Shay's Style Guide 

11/4/2020 - 9:00 AM EST

10 Spots!

(Not a real class)



We’re a group of beauty professionals who value inclusivity, diversity, saving time & money while learning new skills in the process.


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